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10 reasons why you should visit Swedish Lapland in the Spring

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

The Swedish mountains are some of the most beautiful in the world. And whilst Sweden is beautiful all year round, with the midnight sun in Summer, and the dark snowy days in Winter, there is something very special about Spring. You really get the best combination of these two seasons. Here are our top reasons why you should start planning your April trip.

1. Snowmobiling

Going up into the mountains on a snow mobile is a lot of fun. Feeling the wind rush through the air whilst taking in the breathtaking scenery is a truly amazing experience. If you're into snowboarding or skiing, make sure to bring them up if going with a friend and you can make your way back down on the fresh, untouched powder. Make sure you stay on the track to not bother the native wildlife.

2. Skiing or snowboarding

There are a number of ski mountains and ice lakes in North Sweden. If you are after spring skiing or snowboarding on those warm sunny, blue bird days, this is the time and place to do it. Just throw on a hoodie and snow pants and your good to go. Don't forget to pull over for some Fika in the afternoons whilst sitting on reindeer skins around the ski village campfires.

Tip: Avoid the Easter long weekend and you could have the mountain to yourself.

Try: With it's new gondola and many T-bars, Hemavan ski slopes are fun to try for a chilled day.

3. Ice-fishing

Ice-fishing is a cool activity and a very different experience from what you can do in most of the world. When it's sunny and warm outside, it's so nice to pull out a reindeer skin and lay over the lake whilst sun baking at the same time. At this time of the year the ice on the lake is still thick and should be safe to walk on.

4. Hang by the buan

Wondering what a buan is? This is a Northern Swedish term and our friends in Stockholm hadn't even heard this. It is a little hut with a fire place outside in the snow. Get out the korv (sausage), burgers, or whatever tickles your fancy and grill up a delicious lunch. Not that hungry? Can't go wrong with a little fika (coffee and snacks) or a roasted marshmallow.

5. Food

The Swedish food has to be one of our favourite things about Sweden and some of our favourite food in the world (especially farmor's cooking!). The delicious smorgas boards will leave you feeling warm with a full belly, and we can't forget all that fika time. Who doesn't want an excuse to have some cake with your daily coffee? Then you have reindeer and moose which are some of the leanest and tastiest meats out there. Gahhh we're getting hungry just thinking about this!

Tip: Go to the supermarket and cook yourself up a delicious Swedish feast for a fraction of the price to the many touristy restaurants. We love walking around the supermarket and discovering all the different (and incredible) foods to Australia.

Try: The reindeer and moose meat, you will not regret it. Also the godis (Swedish candy) - yum!

6. Dog sledding

Although dog sledding can be a little scary (for Mel the scardy cat), it is such a fun way to explore the lands. The dogs are incredibly beautiful creatures and are so well trained. This is such a lovely way to explore the forests and have a truly magical experience. Finish the sled with some fika in a traditional sami hut. Dog sledding can be done throughout North Sweden.

Tip: If you want to get away from the crowds and save a lot of money at the same time, head to a smaller town outside of the more touristy spots.

Try: Aurora Borealis Adventures were a great company and not too expensive for an authentic experience. We were the only ones there!

7. Get cosy around the fire place

Who doesn’t love a wine, some godis and a board game after dinner? The best thing about being outside all day in the snow is coming in to the cosy fireplace after.

8. Long days

With the sun rising around 4.30 am and setting around 9.30 pm (in April), there is more time for activities in your day.

Tip: Get outside for the sunrise and/or sunset, with the dreamy pink sky and no one in sight, it really is peaceful at these times of the day.

9. See some reindeer and learn about the Sami ways

Sami country stretches across the northern part of Scandinavia and Russia’s Kola Peninsula. The Sami have been recognised by the United Nations as indigenous people, giving them the right to preserve and develop their crafts, language, education, reindeer husbandry, traditions and identity. Try and spot a reindeer as they are herded up North at this time of the year.

10. Public holidays

Yes, it's that time of the year where we all have lots of public holidays! With Easter, Anzac Day for Aussies, Valborg for Swedes, and many other public holidays around Europe that we have heard of, now is the perfect time to take that holiday whilst not using up all that annual leave.

Whilst we are lucky enough to have family and friends in this part of the world, we truly believe that everyone would love these spectacular experiences. It is so nice to get out of bustling Stockholm and really experience the Swedish and Sami life up here.

Where to go

  • Hemavan – If you want a more off the beaten path experience, try Hemavan.

  • Tärnaby - Famous for their steep downhills and home to the legendary Ingemar Stenmark and Anja Persson, the biggest slalom skiers in the history.

  • Kiruna – With it's ice hotel, Kiruna is the most touristy part of Lapland and also the most expensive.

What to pack

  • Winter jacket

  • Snow pants (for all that rolling around in the snow)

  • Snow shoes

  • Beanie – it can still get very cold



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