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4 nights in North Macedonia

North Macedonia is a beautiful and relatively quiet country for tourism compared to the other European hotspots. This unique country is incredible to experience and we recommend tying it in with a Balkans road trip. We spent 2 nights in Skopje and 2 nights in Ohrid, but visited many cool sights along the way.


We spend 2 nights in the cool capital city of North Macedonia. The city surprised us, being full of sculptures everywhere you look and so much history. It is a fairly small city and very easy to walk everywhere.

Views from the Skoje Fortress

What to do

Walking through the Old Bazaar
  • Macedonia square - Here you will find the iconic sculpture of Alexander the great, as well as many other sculptures and cool things to see.

  • Museums - There are many museums throughout the city and in the main square

  • Old Bazaar - This is an interesting place to wander around and feel some Turkish/Moroccan vibes. Try a Turkish coffee whilst browsing all the blingy jewellery and flash wedding dresses.

  • Skopje Fortress - This is a really cool fortress sitting on top of the hill with nice views over the city. It still has an authentic feel, with no touristy shops around and free entry.

  • Memorial house of Mother Theresa

  • Debar Maalo - Wander around this bohemian neighbourhood with completely different vibes.

Wandering around Debar Maalo

Where to eat/drink

  • Old Town Brewery - This brewery really does have the old town feel being the oldest brewery in Macedonia. Try a paddle with all the craft beers and a delicious Skopje salad and Macedonian share platter.

  • Debar Maalo - There are many cool bars to explore in this funky neighbourhood.

  • Dinner in the main square - Touristy but nice views and good atmosphere.

Where to stay

As the city is quite small and walking distance from everywhere, you could really stay anyway. We stayed in an airbnb close to the main square which we thought was great, in between the city and Debar Maalo. Some people prefer to stay in Debar Maalo to be in the more hip area. As we only had 2 nights, we wanted to be in the centre so we could easily explore everywhere.

Matka Canyon

Matka Canyon is definitely worth a visit when visiting North Macedonia. This beautiful canyon is surprisingly very quiet for its magnificence and we know that it would be very over crowded if it were located in one of the more popular close by countries. You can do a day trip from Skopje or if you have a car like we did, stop in on your way down to Ohrid. A few hours in enough time to spend here, but you can also explore further and hike up to the monastery if you have more time.

What to do

  • Walk - Follow the canyon until it becomes a bush walk and keep walking from some private beauty along the water.

  • Boat trip - Doing a boat trip is a great way to explore more of the canyon which is extremely scenic the whole way and only costs 3 euro per person.

Where to eat/drink

  • Restaurant Canyon Matka - This restaurant had the most beautiful view over the water and delicious food. It was more expensive than a local restaurant, but the service, cuisine and views were outstanding.


We think this local muslim city is worth a visit on the way to Ohrid if you have a car.

What to do

Painted Mosque - This beautiful Sarena Dzamija mosque is makes you feel like you have stepped into Arabian nights. More than 30,000 eggs were used to paint and glaze this unique beauty.

Local markets - We enjoyed driving past and people watching the local at the markets

Lake Ohrid

This stunning clear water is a lovely holiday destination. With serene beaches, cool old town, beautiful monastery and views across Albania, it was our favourite part of North Macedonia.

What to do in Ohrid town

  • Old Town - Wander through the cute alleyways in the old town

  • Waterfront - Walk along the waterfront paths and find the small restaurants and beaches along the way.

  • Church of Saint John at Kaneo - This church is very cute with amazing views over the lake.

  • Samuels Fortress - Hike up here for gorgeous views across the lake along the way

  • Church of Saints Clement and Panteleimon – Pretty church by the fortress

  • Amazing views on hill

Day trip around Lake Ohrid

Monastery of Saint Naum

Overlooking the Bay of Bones
  • Trpjejca Village - We got our own private beach for the day and there are some nice seaside restaurants to stop for a lunch or drink. Think cute windy paths, pebbles and clear water, this place was absolutely stunning and our favourite little spot in North Macedonia.

  • Bay of Bones Museum - This was closed as we drove past but it has beautiful views and we were told by a local is a must visit. It is famous for its magical colour of the lake - all shades of green and blue.

  • Monastery of Saint Naum - This monastery near the border of Albania has amazing views of the lake.

  • Inex Gorica Hotel - Nice hotel terrace with a beautiful view. Great place to stop for a swim in the crystal clear water

  • Ljubaniste Beach - Sandy beach

  • Lagadin Beach - Laze the day away.

  • Struga - Nice spot to stop for a coffee and people watch on your way to Albania.

The quiet and beautiful Trpjejca beach

Where to eat/drink

Enjoying a coffee on Trpjejca beach
  • Kaj Kanevce - A beautiful restaurant on Kaneo Beach. Make sure you book in here if you want to get a table.

  • Fortuna Restaurant - Typical local spot

  • Su Hotel and Liquid Bar - Rooftop restaurant with lovely water views

  • Sezers Food and Salad - Turkish meze dishes

  • Podrum - Cheap and cosy local restaurant with delicious food. So good we came here twice.

  • Trpjejca Village - There are a few local restaurants along the water serving fresh seafood.

  • Dva Biseri - "Best fish soup along the beach" as the locals claim. We didn't get a chance to try it.

Where to stay

We stayed in Ohrid town which was handy with plenty of restaurants around. You can also find airbnb's and hotels around the lake along the beaches if you were after a quieter stay. We liked being in Ohrid and being able to walk everywhere.

Church of Saint John at Kaneo

How to get here

Fly into Skopje or come over land from Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria or Greece.

When to visit

We recommend visiting in the off-season to have many of these places to yourself. September is ideal as the weather is still warm but not too hot.



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