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4 Unique Airbnb homes in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Our overwater bungalow in Bacalar
"Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula - Let’s just start with the food. OMG we would go to Mexico just for the food alone. Cheap taco’s, quesadillas, ceviches, fajitas, guacamole, we could go on forever! And not to mention the delicious margaritas and beers – how could you not love this place!"

Before we get into it, we want to state, staying in these Airbnb’s is one way to get more of a feel for the country or place you are staying. We also are not getting any sponsorship from Airbnb, we are just promoting it as we have had extremely great experiences through them.

With so many different types of accommodation available out there, we wanted to make it a little easier for you if you wanted to stay somewhere a little different to your stock standard hotel. We stayed in all of these airbnb’s on our recent trip to Mexico, and rather than just a bed to sleep in, they all offered a unique experience that made us not want to leave the place.

1. X-Calakoop

A delicious home made spread for breakfast

We decided to stay in this tiny little town just outside of Chichen Itza so we could get up early and be the first ones to see the Mayan ruins. This is not all we got from this cute little Airbnb though.

Luis, the host was the most incredible Airbnb host we have ever had. He went out of his way to pick us up from the bus station, cook us a delicious dinner (upon request before arrival - a small price for local gourmet cuisine), chat with us about the Mayan history and hidden cenotes around his town. He then cooked us an amazing breakfast in the morning (most items on our plate, you could find in his thriving garden), before driving us to Chichen Itza. These were all things that were completely unexpected and that he went above and beyond for us. The walk around Chichen Itza is well needed, to burn off the scrumptious food.

The room itself was very cute, with beautiful paintings everywhere that his mother had done. Keep in my it is in the middle of the jungle so there are bugs and occasional animals howling during the night, but in our eyes, this place is not to be missed! At about $45 USD a night, this was an awesome stop over for a unique experience.

Chichen Itza works as a giant significant calander.

You have Chichen Itza 8 minutes drive away, and the beautiful Cenote Ik Kil only 5 minutes drive away. Valladolid is also only 30 minutes away but we took a direct bus from Playa Del Carmen which took about 2 and a half hours, then a direct bus to Merida the next day which was about 3 hours. This was a great way to get up early and see the ruins before all the tour buses arrive and "ruin" your chance for early morning photos, without the crowds. Don't forget to BEAT the HEAT as it get's extremely humid in the day. If you are going to see Chichen Itza, it's easy, stay here the night before.

Where to stay

2. Merida

You will feel at home in this stunning airbnb

The Villa Merida Airbnb is a beautiful colonial hacienda that is a must see. At roughly $45 USD a night, it truly is an incredible place for such a cheap price. We felt like the King and Queen living in a castle. As you walk through the large old wooden doorway, the entrance opens up giving you a feeling of room to breathe with the excessively high ceilings, beautiful old furniture and courtyard pond. Then if you walk further, you will find the pool (which was great to have in summer) and then through to the commercial sized kitchen. We didn’t feel the need to leave the boundary walls when we arrived. The property was immaculate!

Sitting quarters

The kitchen was fantastic and to have a huge supermarket right across the street, well its rude not to make the use of the glorious kitchen. There was also a buzzing local market in the city where we bought lots of fresh fruit and veggies. It's worth going there and stocking up. Keep an eye out to find local stores making fresh Tortillas. We normally go out for meals when travelling, except for when we have access to a kitchen. It was really nice to be able to cook and make some easy breakfasts and save money for a change.

We never met the hosts but this place speaks for itself! The airport isn’t a long trip away either. We caught an Uber from the front of the Airbnb straight to the airport.

Merida is a beautiful traditional Mexican city which is much less touristy than the closer beach towns of the Yucatan Peninsula. The colonial buildings throughout the city give you a feeling of stepping back in time.

Traditional colonial building in Merida

Where to stay


  • La Chaya Maya for a share dish of local Mayan food

  • Mercado 60 has fun live salsa bands playing every night with lots of dancing and delicious food

  • Marquesitas - (it's a mexican snack, not a shop) they have these stands everywhere but trust us, buy one and ask for extra Edam cheese yummmo.

3. Bacalar

This overwater bungalow in Bacalar is not to be missed. Located right on the lagoon of 7 colours, the bungalow has this sense of privacy and tranquillity. You can wake up looking out at the still water, then flick on the coffee maker in the room and sit on your private deck over the water with your morning coffee – pretty special if you ask us!

Going for a Christmas day kayak

There are also free kayaks which you must use. By paddling on the kayak's out on the lagoon, gently glide through the lily pads over to the "pirate ship" in the lagoon. There you will find extremely clear water. Many people were using the fine sand around the pirate ship to exfoliate their sun burnt skin. There are not many shops around the bungalow, saying that you can also use the free bikes to peddle into town which will take you around 5 mins. Or walk to the restaurants which will take you around 20 mins.

Bacalar is a relaxing place so this is the perfect bungalow for just taking it easy. At around $140 USD a night it's much cheaper than an over water bungalow in the Maldives, and it has all the Mexican charm to go with it. WIN WIN for us honeymooners!

Make sure you dig deep into the tacos

Where to stay


  • La Playita – bit more expensive but delicious food and stunning views

  • Mr. Taco – awesome cheap tacos (we went here most days for lunch)

4. Playa Del Carmen

N.Y.E spent here watching the fireworks from our balcony

We would normally not put Playa Del Carmen on the must see list. Having been there before a couple of times, we knew what it was like and we went there really just to party for New Years Eve. BUT with our Airbnb at Hotel Colibri right over the beach, we would go back there just to stay here again. The views were incredible with our own rooftop patio and jacuzzi overlooking the beach. The beach suite is also smack bang in the middle of the main strip but still someone how quiet at night.

Overall this was a perfect Airbnb experience, and for around $175 USD a night (our most expensive accommodation thus far), we totally thought it was worth every cent. This accommodation gives you the best of both worlds. You can either have an early night hot tub on the roof followed by a movie in bed, or you can party until the early hours in the morning at the clubs (right around the corner).

If you were planning to spend most of the time in the ocean at the beach, you might want to think again. Depending on season, you can find the beach covered in seaweed. This didn't matter to us. We had our private jacuzzi, tequila and of course the ridiculously nice view.

Ice-cream for a BIG screen

Playa Del Carmen is full of nice restaurants, bars and shops. The main area is not really authentic Mexico, but still nice for a holiday. We spent most of our time on the patio looking over the beach anyway. Oh and we should mention the in room cinema. It was amazing lying in the comfy king bed with all the blinds pulled down when we were hungover!

*Book on Airbnb to reap the price benefits.

Where to stay


  • Lido (downstairs with great ceviche)

  • Zitla - cool atmosphere, nice food and tasty cocktails

What to pack:

  • Swimmers

  • Sunnies

  • Sunscreen & sun smart clothing

  • Towel

  • Bug spray for the night (the Yucatan is a tropical climate)

  • Water for each day out

Feel free to ask us any questions you may have on any of these places on the contact form below. The prices could definitely change, but these were the prices we paid in December 2018/January 2019 during the peak season.



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