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5 tips to get cheap flights all over the world

Want to know how you can fly all over the world for super cheap? Check out our pointers below to save money on your next trip.

1. Flexibility of dates

Flight prices can change drastically each day. If you are flexible with your dates, you can save a ton of money. When using the Skyscanner website, you can put any month in and click 'Whole Month'. This will show you the prices for everyday that month. As you can see in the example, the cheapest days are highlighted in green, while the most expensive days are highlighted in red.

2. Flexibility of location

Not too sure where you want to go but just want a cheap getaway somewhere? Did you know that you can put your location into skyscanner, as well as your available dates, and put ‘Everywhere’ as the destination? This will then bring up a list of the cheapest countries and airports you can fly to. This is very handy if you wanted to even get to a region and not sure what the cheapest airport will be.

Click 'Search flights' and you will see the cheapest countries to fly to on your dates

3. Frequent flyer points

This is a big one for us as we have booked all of our main flights for these honeymoons with points. Signing up to a credit card can get you a return flight to the USA or Europe (from Aus).You just have to be savvy which ones you pick, make sure you can control yourself with the spending and afford to pay it off. For us, we signed up to a few different credit cards that gave us bonus Qantas points. This enabled the two of us to get return flights to America as well as return flights to Europe, with still more points left over! We find the large annual fee worth the (almost) free flights, and most cards also come with free travel insurance which can be very costly. Just make sure you cancel the card before the year is up if you want to avoid another big annual fee.

4. Sale fares

If you know where and when you want to go and have plenty of time before you leave, wait for a sale. Many airlines have sales all the time, particularly the low cost airlines like Jetstar and Tigerair. When we want to take a domestic flight or a flight to Bali, we know that we there will always be a great sale at some point so we keep an eye out for it.

5. Delete your cookies and browsing history

We saved the best for last… This is a big tip for if you have looked up flights multiple times on the same computer or even the same IP address. Have you noticed that each time you check the flight, it has gone up? In order to make you panic and book the flight as soon as possible, these websites keep putting the prices up just for you. Even if you try another computer with the same IP address, these prices will also be rising. DON’T BOOK THIS FARE!! Make sure you delete your cookies and browsing history, so that your computer “forgets” that you have looked it up, and the flights should go back down to the first price you saw. In some cases the flights actually go up in price, but often they will continue increasing just to stress you out.

After looking up this flight multiple times, I deleted the cookies and the price reset

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