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An unBELIZEable time in Caye Caulker

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

I know, we are not the first ones to use this saying but it really was unbelievable! We spent 3 days on this tiny island which we thought was a good amount of time to see everything. Of course, if you wanted to chill out more, longer is always better.

The island vibes kick off right when you arrive, with a big sign saying GO SLOW and reggae music everywhere. This instantly gets you into chill mode and reminds you that there are no worries on this laid-back island. It’s like a whole different world here. It feels like you’re stepping out of Central America for a bit and entering the Caribbean, but it’s just a quick bus ride away. The most surprising thing for us was that the local language was English. At this point we were so use to Spanish that it completely threw us off.

Where to stay

We stayed at Dream Cabanas which we would highly recommend. It was brand new and very modern (but still charming) compared to many other options and it was reasonably priced at about US$75 a night (during peak season). The location was great being just a few minutes walk to the main strip but perfectly tucked away to ensure it was quiet at night. There are plenty of options for accommodation on the island, and being so small, you should be able to walk from anywhere. We would recommend avoiding the main strip just because of the noise.

Where to eat

Delicious fresh seafood

Or should I say what to eat... LOBSTER! It is seriously everywhere and so cheap (around US$10) so make sure you don’t miss this delicacy while you are here. We made an effort to eat it every night just because we could. One stand out place for us was Maggies Kitchen. It wasn’t the cheapest place but it did have killer sunset views. But in saying that, everywhere we ate was amazing. Chef Juans was also worth mentioning for a good cheap brekkie. If you feel like a quick snack or are missing something from home, they also have Chinese grocery stores EVERYWHERE and nothing is hard to find.

Where to party

Caye Caulker is full of small bars and has a thriving nightlife, island style. The lazy lizard is a great spot for afternoon drinks whilst hanging around at the split (between the north and south islands). They also throw the occasional full moon party which happened to fall on our first night. With a big bonfire, fire dancers and even fireworks, it sure ended up being a big night for us. You can also take a boat around to the beach club Koko King on the north side of the island where they also have full moon parties in the evening or you can chill there with a few drinks in the afternoon.

What to do

So many friendly nurse sharks

There is a lot to do on this tiny island. Whether you want to relax on the beach, go for a walk, chill at a bar, eat amazing lobster or go out on a boat, there is a nice mix of relaxing and exploring here. One thing not to miss is a snorkel trip through the beautiful reef. Being the second largest reef in the world (after our beautiful Aussie Great Barrier Reef), the ocean here is home to many vibrant fish, colourful coral, sting rays and friendly nurse sharks. On the trip you get to feed the enormous fish, then stop at 3 different spots to snorkel. Costing about US$30 per person, we think its well worth doing on a trip to Belize. You can also go snorkelling or diving in the blue hole. We chose not to do this however as it is quite expensive and it takes a couple hours by boat to get there. Another option is to fly over the blue hole in a sea plane for a couple hundred dollars. You can also take the free boat over to Koko King on the north side of the island where you can chill on the beach or party the day/night away.

How to get here

Caye Caulker was extremely easy to get to from Flores, Guatemala, with a direct bus all the way to the ferry terminal in Belize City. From there it is about a 45 minute boat ride out to the island. You can also fly directly into Belize City making it a very short journey. When we left the island, we took a ferry directly to Chetumal, Mexico which was extremely easy to do and only took about 2 hours. This boat leaves every morning from Caye Caulker. For a cheaper option you can also take the ferry back to Belize City then get the bus through to Chetumal. We didn’t want to waste the extra few hours in transit and the border crossing though.

Essentials to bring

Don’t worry if you forget to bring something. With the Chinese grocery stores peppered all over the island, you are bound to find what you are looking for. If it’s a new wardrobe however, you won’t have as much luck. Here are the things that we think you need to have an epic trip to Caye Caulker:

· Swimmers: Probably the main thing you need and something you could spend all day in

· Thongs: Or should I say flip flops? The only way to get around the island

· Hat: No hat, no fun, no sun today!

· Sunscreen: For those long sunny days

· Mosquito repellent: No one likes those itchy bites



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