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How we can afford to travel for a year

This is a question that we get asked all the time. We think it is pretty simple to be honest as we have worked hard to save, traveled for almost a year, come home with nothing and started again quite a few times now. Cycle of our life but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Housesitting in beautiful Tuscany, Italy

1. Savings

Saving is the first step. There is no point in going overseas with nothing (unless you already have a job lined up somewhere), but it's still best to have some money before leaving.

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2. Getting cheap and free accommodation

Housesitting in Banbury, England

One of the best things about travelling is meeting people around the world. This can lead to a local guide as well as free accommodation. We have spent about half of the last year getting free accommodation though various methods. Find out how below.

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3. Finding cheap flights

Getting cheap flights either with points or finding the best/cheapest flight has saved us loads of money.

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4. Buy a car

Our beloved Hilda

Having a car has been the best thing yet. Not only do we save heaps of money on buses, trains and planes, we also have a little home base where we can keep all our belongings and even sleep in. This has been a total game changer for us. Being able to visit so many small towns and get way more of a local experience then hopping between the big cities like we have done in the past.

5. Cook as much as you can

One of our favourite things about housesitting or staying with friends or family is being able to cook. Going out for food and drinks is definitely our biggest expense. One meal could easily come to 50 euro ($80 AUD) with drinks. This could be the same as a nights accommodation (or even more). When we can, we always try to cook or at least make breakfast. When looking for accommodation we try to make sure we at least have a fridge for some yogurt and we always travel with a bag of muesli. This is one of the biggest savers when travelling. If we are staying somewhere for more than a couple of nights we will also make sure we have a full kitchen. Who doesn't love some nice healthy home cooking when you're on the road for so long!

6. Walk everywhere

Not only is walking great for you, you can also save a lot of money when it comes to public transport, taxis or ubers. You can also see a lot more that you wouldn't have really seen if you just drove past. Another great option is cycling when the distances are further.

7. Work online or away

Havana, Cuba

Working is something we often try and do with travelling. We are lucky right now with Mel being able to carry on her marketing work online. But before this, we both often spent time working in order to continue our trips. Mel has worked in a hostel in Lagos (where we first met), and we have both worked two ski seasons together in Canada. Not only does this bring you some income to prolong the trip, it is also a great way to meet other like minded travellers and make friends for life.

8. Volunteer

These are many different volunteer projects all over the world that offer free accommodation and sometimes food. The website workaway.info offers anything from teaching English, helping guesthouses with photography, working in a hostel to building houses. There is really something for everyone on here.

Have fun!



We found each other on the other side of the world in a little party town called Lagos in Portugal. After travelling together for years, then marrying in Bali in June 2018, we thought why settle now. So here we are, on our ultimate honeymoons around the world. We hope our blogs can inspire you to travel with some useful tips and tricks so you to can have some amazing adventures.


If you have any questions about anywhere we have visited or any must do’s, get in touch with us!

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