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One night in Ronda

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

This bustling little mountain town by day, turns into a stunning serene village by night. After coming here in 2013 just for the day, and experiencing Ronda as a day trip, we highly recommend an overnight visit to this gorgeous place.

Ronda, just like any other soaring tourist destination, is buzzing with tourists during the day. To us, visiting a popular tourist destination like this can be pretty awful when it comes to sharing it with hundreds of other people. When we were here back in 2013, there was way less tourists, but now the secret has slipped out and it’s tough to walk around on a hot day with hundreds of people in your way.

We recently went and stayed there for a night, and think this is absolutely the best way to experience this incredible place. Only a short 2 hour drive from Seville or Granada, it is best to reach Ronda in the afternoon, and wait to visit the famous bridge when all of the day trippers have left. A sunset walk down to the bridge view point is a must, and if you are lucky like we were, you will have the walk and whole bridge to yourself!

What to do

As this is a really small town, we feel like you would only need one night here to get a good feel of the place. Don’t miss the walk down to view the bridge (which we seemed to miss in 2013). Other than that, walk around, grab a drink and let the gorgeous views soak in. We recommend doing the walk during the sunset to avoid the heat and get the place to yourself. The walk is probably about an hour round trip (inc. plenty of time take it all in and get those lovely photos).

Where to stay

We stayed in a cute little Airbnb right in the centre of town. If you’re coming by car (which you should), it might be a little hard to get a park. We found a street park about 10 minute walk away (as we can’t fit in the many underground carparks with our roof box). We would highly recommend staying here for a cheap and comfortable place to rest your head – they even have black out blinds!

Find the airbnb at: Loft con patio privado

Cost per night : €35*

Where to eat

We walked around for a long time in search for a top restaurant and read many reviews online. We desperately wanted paella and didn’t want a crappy touristy one. After finding Las Maravillas we were stoked to get an authentic delicious meal and it seemed to be the only restaurant in town buzzing with atmosphere. There are plenty of wine selections too.

Those that have extra time

The city itself is pretty sleepy at night, but there are Flamenco shows to be found around the city. If you haven’t seen one before, we think it’s worth checking out. Many of the flamenco shows will be a package with dinner and drinks. We didn’t go to the ones in Ronda but have been to others in Spain. Always check reviews before locking in a venue. There is a huge difference between a tourist trap show and a genuine one.

Ronda is a truly unique place that must be visited if you are in the south of Spain. The streets and gardens are extremely picturesque so make sure you have plenty of space left on those SD cards and get snapping.

Please take our advice and do the overnight experience to get the "ultimate" slice of Ronda. Battling the crowds during the day would not be worth it.

Happy planning :)

*cost subject to change



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