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Why have just one honeymoon?

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Living it up in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

So, as many of you may already know, we are big lovers of travelling around the globe. As we first met each other whilst backpacking in Europe in 2011, in a little party town called Lagos in Portugal, it was an easy start for us as we both already loved exploring the world.

After travelling through Europe together, working ski seasons in Canada, travelling around the US and an engagement holiday in Bali, we decided to get hitched over there with all our closest friends and family.

The Ultimate Honeymoons is something that we joked about for years but didn’t think we would actually do it. We tossed up between a week in the Maldives, to backpacking for a year, to a week in the Maldives, changing our minds constantly. But why have a one week honeymoon when you can travel for a whole year? As we tossed up between settling down and starting a family, or continuing our travel adventures, it was an easy choice really. Now, we just had to make it work!

With Mel working for her father’s business doing marketing, she is lucky enough to have the flexibility with taking time off and working remotely online. With Nath being a plumber, he has put down the tools and is focusing on scouting out new places to see and post about.

So why did we decide to put our settling down plans on hold?

That’s easy really. Yes we will probably spend a full house deposit in the next year as we move around the world, but that’s ok, we can start again when we get home. Once we get that house, have those kids and get back into the daily grind, travelling will become much harder. So we chose to do it now before our priorities change. That’s not to say we don’t want all those things, but for now, exploring the world together is our number 1!

The biggest question we get is “How can you afford to travel for so long?”

Well the answer to this is pretty easy. Work hard and live simple. We are lucky enough to earn Australian salaries and we are both good at saving money, as we have always been with saving up for our previous backpacking adventures.

For anyone wanting to do this style of honeymoon, we also highly recommend using Honeyfund as a gift registry. Rather than receiving gifts or cash, our family and friends were able to buy us experiences, accommodation, food, drinks, etc for us to use on our Ultimate Honeymoons. This was a fun way to do some research into the places we wanted to go and create new memories chosen by our loved ones.

It is also helpful that Mel can work remotely online so she will be casually working in Europe and earning a small income, and Nath has finally received his long service leave after working hard in the plumbing industry for 10 years.

See Nath's tips on how to save for that ultimate trip!

Why start a blog now?

We are always finding amazing spots when travelling and in the past we have liked to keep them all to ourselves. We haven’t wanted all those beautiful places to suddenly be packed with tourists. BUT…. We have now decided to share our secrets with you. Why have all these incredible experiences if we can’t share them with everyone?

Our Ultimate Honeymoons travel style

As we are travelling for so long, we are definitely not lashing out on the most expensive places we can find. But in saying that, we are also not staying in 12 bed dorm rooms to save every dollar like we have done in the past. This time, it’s all about value and what we can get for our money. We are using a mix of hostels, hotels and mostly airbnb’s. Our travel style completely changes from place to place and we have been spending as low as $30 a night up to $250 AUD a night depending on the view, location and how much there is to do in that area. When we hit a big city/town that is packed full of things to see and do, we try and stay somewhere pretty cheap and low-key as we are going to be out the whole time anyway. Then some places are just so beautiful and there isn’t a whole lot to do other than lie in a hammock and soak in the stunning views. These are the places that we choose to “lash out” on and make the most of our time just appreciating where we are.

We hope we can inspire others to get out there and travel, either solo or with their loved ones as we think it’s the best thing anyone can do!



We found each other on the other side of the world in a little party town called Lagos in Portugal. After travelling together for years, then marrying in Bali in June 2018, we thought why settle now. So here we are, on our ultimate honeymoons around the world. We hope our blogs can inspire you to travel with some useful tips and tricks so you to can have some amazing adventures.


If you have any questions about anywhere we have visited or any must do’s, get in touch with us!

Manly, NSW, Australia


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